Friday, 30 September 2011

60s inspired smoky eye

Perfecting the smoky eye look has always been something that I've struggled with. Partly due to my hooded eyes, but also partly because I just never quite had good enough tools/ products to perfect it with. Although I am unlucky enough to be afflicted with deep set eyes; I am also luckly enough to be blessed with almond shaped eyes so I love to emphasis this with an over exaggerated wing. Perfect for the smoky look.
To start, I used a neutral powder eyeshadow across the lid and a slightly darker neutral powder in the socket. I used Avon's new six eyeshadow neutral palette, which I have been really impressed with. It took me awhile to pluck up the courage to try Avon make up, I will admit, but I am very pleased I have as this one has not left my bag since! I used a black liner to line the outer half of the upper lid, specifically, Oriflame's Kajal eyeliner stick, a really soft liner that is super easy to work with.

Next, I smudged the eyeliner and applied a charcoal shadow above it and across further into the eyelid, using the same colour in the socket. I used the same shadow again to line underneath the eye in the outer corner and blend a silver/ grey shadow across the lid.

Apply mascara. I used Avon's Supercurlacious mascara which is my current favourite.

I was inspired to give the smoky eye look a whirl due to a special offer Oriflame are currently running - a smoky eye shadow palette and a neutral plumping lipstick for £10. Yes please, I said!
I chose the smoky black shadow and the plumping pink out of a choice of three shadows and three neutral toned lipsticks.

Lipstick and smoky eye palette = £9.95
Kajal eyeliner stick = £5.95
Supercurlacious mascara = £8.50
Neutral eyes palette =currently on special offer in Avon brochure 16 at a mere £4.99

The finished result below includes Oriflame Matt Control Foundation, MAC Mighty Aphrodite Blush; and on my brows... the HD Brow set that came to me as a part of September's Glossybox ! Having been a BeneFit BrowZings worshipper for the best part of seven years, I am shocked that I've found anything I like more; especially as it doesn't include any wax. I have a new saviour now!