Friday, 17 May 2013

Nails of the day! Glitzology

nails of the day!

Like many make up obsessives, I love painting my nails. Today I felt like adding a little sparkle. Usually, when I use a polish with big chunks of glitter in, I just add it to the very tips of my nails, partly because I like the way it looks across the tip, but mostly because glitter is a massive pain to take off of nails. Having glitter across the tips of your fingers can be a bit of a pain too however, what with it sticking in the laptop keys and all that. I also have a five month old baby so it just isn't terribly practical. Hence my slightly unusual choice of the glitter on the lower half of the nails!

The varnishes I used today were Neeka from Zoya (which came in a Boudoir Prive box awhile ago - Boudoir Prive becoming Joliebox becoming Birchbox!) 

and a gorgeous little glitter from Glitzology, 'Corset and Fishnets', which is available from their Etsy shop.

 I recommend a little peek through Glitzology's Etsy store. They have some really beautiful glitter polishes which aren't easily replicated elsewhere.

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