Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Exfoliator! Detclear bright and peel gel

I've used many a peeling face mask and to be honest, they sort of frustrate me. Oh they sound like a good idea, and as I smear the gel across my face and wait for it to dry it still seems a good idea. In fact, it's a great idea right up until the point when I start to peel it off and it comes off in tiny bits leaving sticky residue all over my face that even the strongest micallar water has trouble dealing with.

With this in mind, it was with suspiscion that I gingerly approached Detclear Bright and Peel, the Japanese peeling gel. Instead of slathering it on and waiting for it to dry, you rub the gel on your face and wait for the dead skin to come off. As
soon as you start rubbing it into your face the gel starts reacting with the dead skin and immediately you see little bits of skin starting to flake off into balls. However, the bulk of the gel stays liquid which means that there's no stickiness. You can see the little flakes on the back of my hand here.

The interesting thing is that it is really obvious what parts of your face are more congested and dry than others as there is a dramatically larger amount of flakes coming off. Where my skin was good quality (ie across my cheeks) there were very little in the way of flakes. 

Afterwards my skin felt wonderfully smooth and clean. I wouldn't say that it is particularly damaging on the skin either, although obviously however gentle it is, it is still abrasive so I would stick to once a week, just as you would any other exfoliator.