Thursday, 3 October 2013

Is that a chubby stick I spy? Not at all, it's Lumene Raspberry Miracle Lip Sorbet

There are times when it seems as though every brand is bringing out similar products. The Clinique Chubby Sticks were a big hit and over the last year we've seen countless dupes. That doesn't, however, mean that I'm 'over' them. Oh no; not in the slightest. For this reason, I was ecstatic to hear that Finnish brand Lumene had their own version too.

I'll be honest, although I enjoy the Chubby Sticks, in my opinion they aren't quite as moisturising as they could be. The Lumene Raspberry Miracle Lip Sorbets on the other hand... well... they are very moisturising. They have the consistancy of a glossy lip balm, with the staying power of a good lipstick.

 The colours I chose were Blooming Meadow and Full of Berries. That's Full of Berries on the left, and Blooming Meadow on the right.

Full of Berries is a strong, vibrant red shade. As you can see from the photograph it doesn't go on as smoothly as it could do, but do not in any way allow this to put you off. This is the most flattering red shade that I own (and believe me I own a LOT), and because of the consistancy it fades evenly too. It's pretty long wearing for such a glossy colour too.

Blooming Meadow (how beautiful is that name for a lip product?) is a light barely there pink. It's not so barely there that it, for want of a better term, isn't there at all. It is however very subtle. I found this even more moisturising than Full of Berries and it lasts even longer too. I've been rocking the smoky eye look lately and Blooming Meadow is the perfect lip companion.