Saturday, 5 October 2013

Bison Baby Pink BB Cream

Anything that tries to give a grown woman a face as soft and cute as a baby's is well on it's way to an overpromise. Yet, the fact that the Bison Baby Pink Mineral BB Cream is brave enough to try is impressive in itself. Besides, take a look at the outer packaging. How can you resist that little pudgy smile?

This BB cream suggests it can be used as a base, concealer, foundation, and finishing powder and will give you a natural looking skin. To be fair, it does a pretty good job of all those things.
 It's a fairly thick formula and the colour, as you can see, is lovely and light. It's a little bit yellow toned straight from the pot but you can see it blends in very well. Of course, it's also worth mentioning here that I have very pink undertones.

The coverage is impressive, as you would imagine from a BB cream that aims to replace foundation, powder, and concealer. The photo above is just the Bison Baby Pink and I can safely say that it has taken all of the red out of my skin and hidden my undereye darkness completely. I can honestly say that it doesn't need either powder or concealer, but this does mean that it has a slight cakey effect where my skin is slightly drier.

The photograph above is the finished look and you can see that once I've added a little contour and put some of the pinkness back into my cheeks, it's a pretty flawless finish. The yellow tinge has almost completely disappeared once it's been worked into my skin. I'll be honest, my skin looks as less like a baby's as it is possible to look, instead it's given me more of a porcelein doll finish, but that is in no way a bad thing.