Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Berner XZ Sea Buckthorn hair repair oil

Sea Buckthorn is found in a variety of natural bath and beauty products. It is high in vitamin C, vitamin E, and Amino and Fatty Acids and whilst it doesn't make great eating, you've got a great ingredient for looking after skin and hair.

 XZ is a Finnish supermarket brand and as I couldn't find it for sale anywhere with English translation, I would say that it isn't usually exported. Considering the quality of the XZ hair products that Maarit in Finland sent me I'm really surprised by this. I would imagine that they would sell really well across Europe.

Maarit wrote a little note with the instructions on for me which stated that this is a pre wash treatment. Therefore I combed it through my hair about ten minutes before I got in the bath.

It feels like a really good quality pressed olive oil in consistency and has a clean, slightly fruity, fresh smell. It is quite runny so although the applicator is shaped like a hair dye applicator, I found it better to squirt it into my hands and then work it through my hair.

 I also used it on my daughter's hair. The two of us have quite different hair types but this oil made both of our hair really soft and shiny. On my daughter's hair it had the better efficiency. When I brush and plait her hair the day after I have treated it with the XZ it is noticeably stronger and shinier. 

I'm already 50% through this bottle and I'm starting to feel that 'I hope it doesn't run out' panic that you get when you know you are using something that is really effective.